Khloes Custom Clothing.

The Force Awakens

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Each little tidbit of information released about The Force Awakens gives us a little more insight into the awesome costuming possibilities.  I've gotten quite a bit of information on the Rey costume and hope to make one soon.  Also researchingKylo Ren.  I have an order for, and am in the process of making a Luke Skywalker.  Will post pictures and have it available to sell once it is finished.

Welcome to our new site

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The site is new, but Khloe's Custom Clothing has been around for quite a while.  You may also know us as We are in the process of phasing out that name and selling only under Khloe's Custom Clothing.  Hope you enjoy our new site.  Look around, leave us a comment if you'd like, and buy that Star Wars costume you've been wanting to get!